Dark Against SOPA


Tomorrow, January 18, this website, along with (hopefully) millions of others, will go black for 12 hours tomorrow to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (also known as HR 3261).

Maybe online piracy is a huge problem. But this bill is just another attempt to make an end-run around Net Neutrality, the principal that the Internet should be a free-wheeling place where ideas can be exchanged, whether within or without the reach of corporations or governments.

Because the bill is not clear enough about what exactly is and isn’t legal. Or what is and isn’t to be considered part of one’s First Amendment right to free speech. So it should not pass.

So enjoy January 18, which promise to be a day with many fewer distractions than most 21st century days. Or call your Congressperson, and ask them to look something up on Wikipedia.

Also, check back here tomorrow after it’s all over and see if there isn’t a magical new post that just may happen to appear magically…

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