Why I’ve Been Gone

So I went to check this site because of the WordPress bot attack scare and noticed that I have not posted anything since January 2012. That’s a long f*ckin time, but here’s the thing:
Back in September of 2011, I started having pains in my right wrist, along with burning sensations and weird prickly oddments. I went to my doctor, then to an orthopedist, then to a hand specialist. The upshot is that I have genetically predetermined (thanks, Mom & Dad!) osteoarthritis in both wrists, and a lovely little cyst that’s pushing against a nerve, probably as a result of the arthritis situation. I had a shot of cortisone for the cyst, which only works 33% of the time and did not work for me. So I spent the better part of last year not making things, resting my wrists and finding other outlets for my creative impulses.
But when I went to look at the site today I thought it was so pretty that I’m pledging to revive it again. And I have been working on some various projects, none of which are ready to be revealed just yet…but hopefully will be soon. Stay tuned.


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